Covid19SecondWave: Strong push corona, fast growing safe home in Kolkata

#Kolkata: Corona infections are on the rise in the state every day. Already the number of corona infections is over two thousand. The number of infections is increasing day by day in crowded cities like Kolkata. The administration is concerned about that. At 12 noon on Monday, Firhad met with Hakim, the commissioner of the Calcutta Corporation and officials of the health department. According to Firhad Hakim, even though his corporation does not have a post in the city of Kolkata for the elections, as a minister, he is instructing the officials of the corporation to take various measures to save the people of Kolkata.

The work of making the passer-by safe has started from Monday. He toured the whole place of passing. He instructed the officials to build a 500-bed safe home for the passers-by. Kishore Bharati has already been made a safe home with 500 beds. He further asked the officials to find a place to set up a safe home and quarantine center in Kolkata. The corporation will keep in touch with those who have symptoms at home. If they do not have a suitable place to stay at home! Then the car that will be in this pass, the car will pass them or take them to such a safe home. He asked to arrange several more ambulances and ambulances with ventilators.

He also said that there is a lack of ventilation in the city. He asked everyone to keep an eye on them if they can be arranged in any way. He noted that the election campaign was still ongoing. They will reduce the risk of infection. Firhad Hakim kept in touch with the people of the city in all respects and urged the officials of the corporation to deal with the situation. The state government does not want to keep the shortcomings of last year’s corona. However, the lack of beds in the hospital has been made clear from now on


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