Hundreds of workers infected with corona, more locals canceled at the Sealdah branch on Wednesday

#Kolkata: More than 100 workers of Sealdah branch of Kabu Eastern Railway in Corona As a result, some local trains will be canceled on Wednesday as well as on Tuesday According to Eastern Railway, a total of six local trains in Sealdah division will be canceled on Wednesday.

However, railway officials are assuring that no local train is being canceled during office hours Some non-peak hour trains will be canceled tomorrow as well as today As a result, passengers will not have a problem

According to railway sources, the affected workers include motormen, guards and signal workers. As a result, the train has to be canceled On top of that, the railway authorities have to keep in mind that long-distance train service should be normal

Eklavya Chakraborty, Chief Public Relations Officer, Eastern Railway, said, “Despite all our precautions, our workers are suffering from corona.” Already the number of coved beds in railway hospitals has been increased to 7 Work is also underway to vaccinate workers at seven railway vaccination centers.

Not only in Sealdah, Howrah branch but also many workers of Eastern Railway have been affected As a result, several local trains had to be canceled at Howrah branch in the last few days Several employees of the IRCTC’s base kitchen have also been infected However, IRCTC authorities have assured that the kitchens of the railways have been properly sanitized after the workers became infected.

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