If Center locks down after May 2, we will give home ration: Abhishek – News18 Beganli

Red: Campaign of Mohammad Ali, candidate of Lalgola assembly constituency of Murshidabad district. Abhishek Banerjee said from the routine meeting that the Center wants to announce a lockdown as soon as the May 2 election is over. In this context, the Trinamool youth leader reminded of the endless misery of the people in last year’s lockdown episode. He promised that if such a situation arises again, the Trinamool government will take the responsibility of delivering rations from door to door.

Abhishek was heard saying, “The election will be over and the central government will announce a lockdown.” And with this argument in mind, Abhik’s promise. “In case of lockdown, Mamata Banerjee will deliver food free of cost. Without her, ordinary people will not get free health and food. He repeatedly spoke about the ration project at El Duare. In other words, even if something like that happens, the grassroots-led government will make arrangements to deliver food and health from door to door. And it is on the basis of this assurance that the Congress stands in the middle and begs for votes.

“Voting for the Congress means strengthening the hand of the BJP. Mamata Banerjee has been by the side of the people for ten years. She has never imposed debt on the heads of the people.” Political observers say Abhishek is seeking votes on the basis of report cards. Why just the debut, the grassroots supremo to get people’s minds is also the tide of card development. Priority is being given to women-centric projects.

On Monday, Mamata Banerjee said she had no plans for a lockdown in the state. Of these, lockdowns have been declared in Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and several states in Uttar Pradesh. But Mamata wants the polls to end quickly so that all state officials can go to war once again. In the meantime, his commander Abhishek Banerjee kept the lockdown centrally alive.

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