“Many marched, now let the people decide”:

#Kolkata: Elections are going on in eight phases in Corona Abhe state The Election Commission is reluctant to comply. In this situation, several public interest litigation cases have been filed in the Calcutta High Court seeking protection of public life. During his hearing, the court practically mocked the political parties in a harsh tone. During the hearing of the case, the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court remarked, “Many have held meetings and processions. Now let the common man judge.”

Besides, the Calcutta High Court has also directed to immediately implement all the security measures adopted by the Election Commission to control corona in the state with the help of the police if necessary. The state government should also cooperate with the Election Commission in this regard A division bench of Chief Justice TBN Radhakrishnan and Justice Arijit Banerjee passed the order on Tuesday. The case will be heard again next Thursday.

Speaking on behalf of the plaintiff at today’s hearing of the case, Sreejib Chakraborty said, “The commission has not only the responsibility in this election situation. The state administration has a responsibility to ensure that the Corona situation does not get worse. Because the hospitals have already admitted corona patients. The bed is not available. There is no oxygen. ”The plaintiffs also said that two candidates from Murshidabad had already died of corona. The court should close the valley completely. Otherwise, it is not possible to stop ordinary people. “

Shamik Bagchi, counsel for the plaintiff, said that the division bench of the Chief Justice had made it clear today that the political parties had held enough meetings and processions. The vote has come a long way Towards the end. In this situation, the political parties should try to reduce the number of meetings and processions as much as possible. In addition, the Election Commission has been clearly instructed to state in its affidavit the extent to which the measures it has already stated to control corona have been implemented. The court also directed that if it has not been done yet, it should be done immediately with the help of police. The High Court wanted to know at the hearing of the case next Thursday what the commission did or did not do in all these matters. The court also directed the state government to extend full cooperation. The state government has been trying to impose responsibility on the Election Commission from the very beginning The High Court has directed that it should not be done.

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