Trinamool demands at least the last two points to prevent the Corona disaster in one day

#Kolkata: In the last 24 hours, 6,426 people have been infected in the state of Corona. 38 people died. In this situation of Benazir, the grassroots at the door of the commission rather than the integration of the election once again.

On behalf of the Trinamool Congress, a four-member delegation submitted a memorandum to the Chief Electoral Officer of the state. There, the grassroots demanded that the Nick Commission make arrangements for the seventh and eighth rounds of elections to be held in one day.

The sixth round of elections is on April 22. It is not possible to make a decision about this episode in such a short time. With that in mind, the Trinamool wants the commission to consider holding the polls at least on April 26 and April 29 together. This petition of the grassroots is keeping in view the growth of Kovid in this state like the whole country.

It is to be noted that in the past also, the Trinamool had approached the commission questioning the side of this amalgamation. But the commission did not take any action.

The letter issued by the Trinamool referred to the High Court’s April 13 order. Where the High Court has asked the commission to take steps to prevent the Corona disaster. Trinamool argues that even if the commission’s campaign deadline is reduced, the risk is not diminished, the need to reduce the number of days overall to avoid a catastrophe. The letter said the whole issue must be resolved in one day before the situation gets out of hand. Let the commission consider the matter.

In the same letter, it has been said that the candidates of all the parties have already campaigned for 52 days, so the addition of the clauses will not harm the campaign in any way.

Moreover, while the Model Code of Conduct was in force, most of the high-ranking administrative officials of the state were engaged in electoral work. Ghasful Shibir wants to remind the commission that it is difficult to work with a small number of officers in Corona. Trinamool says the right to vote, the right to health are both fundamental constitutional rights of the people of the state. The state is now looking to the commission to ensure these two rights, as is the case with the grassroots.

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