“Shut up, be silent.”

A strange political-socio-economic, above all a ‘sick’ time and environment. In the meanwhile, the poet Shankha Ghosh absorbed all the words around him and left. After his departure, it is as if Bengali is literally speechless today. The last journey of the poet, with his spine stretched out, seems to be one of the last journeys of his, without noise like his words, elegant, sophisticated, unpretentious but firm, radiant in the glory of individuality.

“This is the West sitting down to get the knees’ Today is the empty hand of spring!” Spring’s hands are empty. Moments of love, protest, silent eloquence are like pale, directionless today!

Because he is the poet who wrote on the one hand, “Destroy me if you want to have children in my dreams …” He also wrote, “Will people always say good things? Something bad to hear. So what will break the mourning? In addition to teaching Bengali language in the art of words, poet Shankha Ghosh has taught the language of love, revolution and protest.

The body of the poet was brought from his house in Ultodanga around 3 pm on Wednesday. On the way, after keeping Salt Lake at the house of the poet’s brother Nityapriya Ghosh for a while, the body of Shankha Ghosh was taken to the Nimatala mahasmashan. It was there that the funeral of the poet Shankha Ghosh ended with full statehood. His mortal body was put in an electric furnace at 4:22 pm.

The state government had earlier announced that the funeral of the poet would be held in accordance with the state rules and regulations. However, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that there would be no artillery fire during the poet’s last farewell. Although the poet of full state dignity was given the last honor, ‘song salute’ was omitted. The poet did not like artillery. The poet’s last wish was fully respected and he was bid farewell in an unpretentious manner.

The poet breathed his last at his home in Kolkata around 11:30 am on Wednesday. He was 79 years old. He had been suffering from corona for several days and was in seclusion at home. In addition, the poet became physically weak due to old age. His physical condition started deteriorating from Tuesday night. Although the poet was given a ventilator on Wednesday morning, all the efforts of the doctors failed. The poet passed away.

Conch has taught the philosophy of life on one side of the poem. On the other hand, the language of standing up against any injustice has been used throughout his life. So his last journey turned to stone like the last journey of his loved ones, his fans feel like inanimate objects. Because he was not just a poet! Some had a ‘mentor’ to show the way forever, a favorite ‘mastermashai’, some had an elder idol. So his departure leaves only a void.

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