June 15, 2021

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Actress Chaiti Ghoshal tested covid positive – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: “Many people in the industry are not testing for corona. Those who have a fever stay at home for two days after taking medicine. But they return to work before they fully recover. Many are hiding the symptoms of corona. Such a complaint was made by actress Chaiti Ghoshal. Corona, one of the leading artists in the world of drama, film and television, could not contain her anger and frustration over the vaccine. He himself has said on social media that his covid is positive. He also complained about the irresponsibility of a section of the Tollywood industry.

The actress has been attacked even after taking the corona vaccine. He said that while shooting a series, he suddenly started feeling sick. She has her own makeup room so she doesn’t have to go through the crowd. Despite this, Chaiti became infected.

The actress said that even though she is sick, she does not get overwhelmed easily. But feeling sick on that day, he lay down on the set. After a while he returned home. He got fever after some time. High fever and with it all over the body, cold, cough. Even after taking medicine, the fever did not go away. After that, don’t test Chaiti. The result is positive.

Incidentally, like the rest of the country, this state is also witnessing a bloodbath. The second wave is also engulfing the tolly industry. In the meantime, several tele and tolly stars have reportedly been infected with corona. The list includes Jit, Shubhshree Ganguly, Bharat Kal, Jayshree Mukherjee, Chandreyi Ghosh and many more. This time the name of Chaiti Ghoshal has also been added to this list.

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