June 19, 2021

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Corona’s paw is now in the kitchen of the train, several employees of the affected base kitchen

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#Kolkata: This time Corona’s paw is in the kitchen of the train. Several employees of the base kitchen became infected. According to IRCTC sources, several workers of base kitchens of Howrah, Sealdah, Malda and New Jalpaiguri stations have been attacked. Due to which IRCTC is quite a problem in providing full service. The second wave of corona infection has hit the state. The impact of which has started to fall on Indian Railways 6 Corona has already been hit by multiple people involved in train services. The number of victims in Sealdah division has crossed 160.

The number of victims in Howrah division has crossed 450. Besides, corona symptoms have appeared on the bodies of several railway workers. As a result, according to railway sources, the number of victims may increase further The number of local trains is already being reduced to 7 In addition to this, due to the corona infection, the kitchen of the railway has also started to be affected. Now the rail is being given ready-to-eat meal. There was a base kitchen at Sealdah station on the Eastern Railway. There is no cooking at the moment. The original cooking is done at Howrah Base Kitchen. Multiple workers have also been affected there. According to IRCTC sources, 11 workers have been attacked in Sealdah Base Kitchen. 9 workers have been attacked in Howrah base kitchen. Besides, 6 people were attacked in Malda base kitchen. 6 people have been attacked in New Jalpaiguri Base Kitchen. About 15 people have been affected by the dining car.

In addition, the total number of victims on each train is around 35. With so many people being attacked at once, the situation has become virtually difficult to control. Debashish Chandra, Group General Manager, IRCTC, said, “We are following all the rules. Everything is being sanitized at every moment. Our staff are using masks and face covers. Even then, the number of victims is increasing. But we are concerned that Our young workers were attacked. ” At present, food is being provided from Howrah Base Kitchen. Working with a small staff. The help of doctors is being sought for all time.

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