covid patients family alleged beleghata id hospitals negligence patient died due to lack of oxygen | ‘Mother would have survived if she had been given a little oxygen’, corolla’s only son broke down in tears outside Beleghata ID – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The number of coronaviruses in Bengal is increasing day by day in West Bengal as well. Most of the public and private hospitals and nursing homes in and around Kolkata are finding it difficult to get a bed for a dying corona sufferer, with one corona positive patient dying due to almost no treatment and indifference on the part of the hospital authorities. Uthal became the first special corona treatment center in the state at Beleghata ID Hospital.

Ila Sarkar, 65, a resident of Behala Pornshree area, suddenly started feeling unwell on April 9. At first a slight fever, body-hand-foot-headache. After many attempts, Ila Devi was finally admitted to Beleghata Id Hospital on April 15, New Year’s Day (Poila Baishakh 2021). Complaints started coming from the family two days after the admission. Iladebi’s only son Abhijnan Sarkar said, ‘My mother could not eat at the hospital. Even two days after admission, the mother is transferred to the ICU. Suddenly he was transferred from ICU to General Bed two days ago. I repeatedly told the hospital authorities, “My mother needs oxygen. In the video call, my mother was begging for oxygen. But where! Oxygen is far away, on the contrary, my mother was left without any kind of neglect.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Beleghata ID Hospital called home and said that Iladevi’s condition was critical. The boy can come to the hospital and find out the news of Nair’s death. “The hospital killed my mother without any treatment,” said Abhijnan, who broke down in tears on the hospital premises. However, the principal of Beleghata ID Hospital, Anima Haldar, said there was no basis for the patient’s family’s complaint. Iladebi’s treatment was not negligent. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, his physical condition was critical and he could not be saved.


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