Due to corona infection, 104 local and 18 passenger trains were canceled in Eastern Railway

#Kolkata: Due to corona infection, several local and passenger trains are being canceled in Howrah and Sealdah divisions today. According to Eastern Railway sources, 16 passenger trains are being canceled in Howrah division today. 19 pairs of EMU local are being canceled. On the other hand, 33 pairs of EMUs will be canceled in Sealdah division. In all, more than one train has been canceled and the commuters will face problems. According to Eastern Railway sources, the number of railway workers in Khabar, Howrah and Sealdah divisions is increasing every day. In this situation so many trains were canceled on the part of Eastern Railway.

Among the canceled passenger trains in Howrah division are 83051 Azimganj-Rampurhat passengers. 63572 Rampurhat-Burdwan Passenger. 53031 Azimganj-Rampurhat Passenger. 53024 Rampurhat-Azimganj Passenger. 83033 Azimganj-Naihati Passenger. 83034 Naihati-Azimganj Passenger. 83032 Azimganj-Katwa Passenger. 83031 Katwa-Azimganj Passenger. ০3011 Burdwan-Rampurhat Passenger. 73020 Azimganj-Katwa Passenger. ৬3019 Katwa-Azimganj Passenger. 63022 Rampurhat-Azimganj Passenger. 35021 Burdwan-Katwa passenger. 35012 Katwa-Burdwan Passenger. 38 Burdwan-Bandel Passenger. 365 Bandel-Burdwan Passenger. In addition to the cancellation of so many passenger trains, 36 local trains were also canceled.

On the other hand, multiple locals were canceled in the Sealdah division. 5 pairs are canceled in Sealdah-Barrackpore section. 5 pairs are canceled in Sealdah-Dattapukur-Habra-Bangaon section. 4 pairs are canceled in Sealdah-Naihati section. Sealdah-Dunkuni, Dumdum Cantonment section is canceled by 1 pair. Naihati-Ranaghat and Hasnabad sections are canceled by 1 pair. 1 pair in Sealdah-Kalyani section, 2 pairs in Sealdah-Baruipur section, 4 pairs in Sealdah-Canning section, 4 pairs in Sealdah-Sonarpur-Diamondharbour section, 2 pairs in Sealdah-Baruipur-Laxikantpur section are canceled and 1 cycle is canceled. Eklavya Chakraborty, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway, said, “We are trying to provide full service.” But we have to make this decision in the face of growing infections. According to sources, the number of cancellations may increase further

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