Farewell to the ‘arrogant banyan tree’, mourning the loss of ‘nation’s conscience’

#Kolkata: How many loved ones are going to be bitten by Corona. And on Wednesday morning, before all the Bengalis woke up, the poet Shankha Ghosh left. Some say that Shankha Ghosh was a great banyan tree, which was never touched by pride. Someone says again, his conscience was lost from the nation. Shankha Ghosh’s departure actually made the Bengalis literally without guardians, the man who burned at the beginning of the thought is the one who said goodbye ….

Shirshendu Mukherjee, a longtime literary companion, has been virtually stunned since hearing the news. He had called Shankha Ghosh’s house a few days ago. He talks to the poet-daughter. It’s age, as well as corona coop. Anxiety did not stop. Eventually the grief overcame the grief. In Shirshendu’s words, ‘Today I feel as if someone has removed the roof from my head. I was worried, that’s what matched. ‘ He added, ‘I have never seen him angry. Even so much fame, so much honor could not touch him. We are without guardians. ‘

Long 45 years of communication. Poet Joy Goswami seems to be unable to accept conch-subtraction at all. In his words, ‘Not only was he a poet, he was in fact the conscience of the nation. Today a great banyan tree has fallen. Feeling helpless. It is as if the show is covered all around. The 45-year-old communication ended in an instant.

Drama personality Rudra Prasad Sengupta said, ‘This is an irreparable loss. Not only literature, Shankha Ghosh used to show the way to all of us. He could not be bought, he could not be stopped. His pen, his voice never sold out. He was the real inspiration.

Another playwright Kaushik Sen says, ‘One of the losses is all of us, which can not be compensated in any way. Not today, not even a hundred years later. One of the irreparable losses is the departure of Shankha Ghosh. ‘

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