Madan Mitra Covid Positive: Corona-affected Madan Mitra, massive oxygen deficiency, shift from SSKM to Apollo

#Kolkata: Corona-affected grassroots leader Madan Mitra. He was transferred from SSKM Hospital to Apollo Gleneagles Hospital after the report was positive. According to hospital sources, the grassroots candidate from Kamarhati is suffering from severe oxygen deficiency. Without oxygen from outside, the level of oxygen in the blood drops to 80. According to sources, he has been taking 8 liters of oxygen since he was admitted to SSKM Hospital this afternoon. Besides, he is also known to have pneumonia.

Madan Mitra’s family decided to rush him to SSKM Hospital as his breathing level increased at noon on that day. SSKM was treated in the Woodburn ward of the hospital. Earlier, Madan Mitra fell ill in Kamarhati on the afternoon of the fifth phase of polling. He was taken to a local office that day and given oxygen. After recovering from the initial treatment, Madan felt seriously ill again this morning.

On the morning of the fifth phase of the election, the veteran leader of the Trinamool Congress fell ill at the last moment even though he worshiped in a light mood in Dakshineswar. At the time, doctors said there was nothing to fear, a little more stress and intense heat on election day. It was also reported that all the reports of Sugar-Pressure were correct. He was admitted to the hospital around noon today as he was feeling sick again. If the corona is tested there, the report is positive.

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