Sankha Ghosh family wants his body to be cremated without gun salute Conch Ghosh did not want the song to be saluted Family in Silent Funeral – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Let the funeral be silent This is what the family of the late poet Shankha Ghosh wants The late poet also had such a last wish He did not want to be saluted after death Respecting the last wishes of the late poet and his family, the state government is not organizing a song salute at the funeral of Shankha Ghosh.

Shortly after the death of Shankha Ghosh, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her condolences and said that the funeral of the late poet would be held with state honors. The Chief Minister said that despite the death due to corona, the government would follow all the protocols and bid farewell to Shankha Ghosh with a song salute.

After the announcement of the Chief Minister, Firhad Hakim, the Chief Minister of the state and the head of the Board of Governors of Calcutta Municipality, reached Ishwar Chandra Niwas, the residence where poet Shankha Ghosh used to live in Ultodanga. Talking to the family, he said that since they did not want a song salute, the last rites of Shankha Ghosh would be performed at noon on this day at Nimatla Mahasmashan as per the wishes of the family.

Since Shankha Ghosh died of coronary heart disease, the body will be taken to the crematorium in a special vehicle carrying the body as per the rules. Family members can also be present there in accordance with the Kovid rules

Although he was infected with corona, he was undergoing treatment at home There he breathed his last this morning The late poet’s wife, a daughter and son-in-law have also been affected by Corona As a result, after receiving the news of the poet’s death, many people gathered at the residence premises, but all of them were requested to abide by the Kovid rules on behalf of Shankha Ghosh’s family. As a result, everyone has to pay their last respects to the late poet from afar

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