June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

6th phase violence Firing in Ashoknagar TMC accuses cenral force. Two TMC candidates wounded

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#Ashoknagar: In the sixth phase, Ashoknagar took the look of the battlefield (6th Phase Bengal Election violence). The unrest had been going on since morning. The Central Force was also accused of firing at Tengra village in Malikberia during the day. According to sources, two persons were injured in the shooting, one of them named Monirul Mandal. The identity of the other person is not yet known. Sources said the injured were both members of the ruling party (TMC). No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Trinamool candidate Narayan Goswami alleged that the CRPF fired.

The BJP alleges that the trouble started when BJP candidate Tanuja Chakraborty entered the Adarsh ​​Shikshayatanbooth around 11am. Allegedly, grassroots miscreants also started bombing. The jawans tried to handle the situation. This is when the shots are fired. The BJP alleges that the central forces fired nine shots at the grassroots.

This is not the end. It has been hot all day. Trinamool has been accused of beating local BJP leader Animesh Dev at booths No. 75 and 6 of Kaharpara in Dighra-Malikberia panchayat area last night. The BJP leader was standing in front of the house at night. The youths then launched a surprise attack. The injured youth was treated at Sabdalpur Rural Hospital.

Besides, allegations have been leveled against the state police for beating Trinamool activists by entering Trinamool camps at booths 26 and 27 in Dogachhia, Bhurkunda Panchayat, Ashoknagar. The incident spread tension in the area. The Trinamool claimed that they had set up a party camp 100 meters away from the polling station. Suddenly the police came and charged at them.

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