Kolkata high court slams election commission Why not follow the rules of coronation? The High Court asked the commission to be as strict as possible – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court has expressed dissatisfaction with the role of the Election Commission in not conducting the polls in accordance with the Corona Rules. According to the observation of the division bench of Chief Justice TB Radhakrishnan, despite all the powers in the hands of the commission, they have evaded liability by issuing a single directive. Disappointed with the role of the commission, the division bench of the chief justice also compared the work of the commission with the last days of TN.

The observation was made by the Calcutta High Court during the hearing of a case related to the coroner’s petition to stop the campaign. Outraged judges made it clear that the commission had completely failed to conduct the campaign in accordance with the Kovid rules The judges also said that despite having all the powers at its disposal, the commission had evaded liability by issuing only one directive. In this context, the Chief Justice said, “They should show at least one-tenth of the strict attitude of the Commission as it was during the last TN.” The court expressed displeasure, adding that in this situation, the government has left the responsibility on the common man only by issuing a notification.

The angry division bench further said, ‘You have everything, there are officers from the police, but they are not doing any work. Why not use the Quick Response Team, RAF? The court is dissatisfied with your work. Not a circular, we are asking the commission for action. We are not able to give any instructions today because no representative of any political party is present in the court today. Finally, the division bench warned the commission, “The commission has forgotten about the end of TN!” We can make the commission work like the TN.

The court made it clear on the day that it was merely issuing a notification that the Election Commission should take firm steps to ensure that political parties are promoted in accordance with the Corona Rules. Shortly after the incident, the commission issued new guidelines for campaigning in accordance with the Corona Rules before the fifth round of voting. The campaign was reduced to 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily In addition, the order to end the campaign 72 hours before the vote is also in force However, the Calcutta High Court thinks that this directive is not enough This is because many candidates and political activists are showing indifference to comply with the Corona Rules despite the Commission’s directives. However, leading parties like Trinamool, BJP, Left Front and Congress have decided on their own to avoid crowds at large rallies.

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