‘One country, one party shouts, why not one price?’ Mamata attacks BJP over different vaccine prices – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of the state, sneered at the Center for fixing the price of Covisheild vaccine. The Serum Institute of India (SII) said on Wednesday that the Kovishieldi vaccine will be available at government hospitals at Rs 400. The vaccine will be sold in private hospitals for Rs 600. But the center will get this vaccine at the pre-determined price of 150 rupees. The vaccine can be obtained from the central hospital for 150 rupees.

Mamata tweeted to the BJP government at the Center, “BJP always shouts ‘one country, one party, one leader. But they can’t fix a price for vaccines to save lives. Every Indian needs free vaccines. Age, race.’ “Everyone needs a vaccine, regardless of the area. The government of India should fix the price of the vaccine without looking at whether the state is paying the price or the center is paying the price.”

Mamata raised the same question at a press conference in Malda on Wednesday. The Chief Minister also said that he would send a strong letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in protest. On this day, Mamata raised the question, why would the vaccine be traded during this extreme? Why can’t states buy vaccines at the same price as the Center? Mamata has also spoken out about why private hospitals have to pay more He demanded that the central government should intervene immediately

The Chief Minister said, “Will you help the people now or will you do business? Now is not the time to do business, now is the time to save the people. The central government would have paid Rs. The chief minister said the state government has already set aside Rs 100 crore for the purchase of the vaccine. The central government has announced that everyone above the age of 18 will be vaccinated across the country from May 1. Besides, state government and private hospitals will also be able to buy vaccines directly from vaccine manufacturers.

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