June 20, 2021

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Plasma Donor in Tinder: Searching for Plasma Donor in Dating App

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#Kolkata: Infection is increasing day by day. Oxygen and plasma deficiencies have been observed in different parts of the country. The common people from the administration are all worried about that. In this situation, a young woman named Sohini Chattopadhyay witnessed an interesting incident. Suddenly, he found a plasma for his friend’s treatment from the dating app Tinder. He told himself on Twitter.

A few days ago, a friend of Sohini in her thirties was attacked by Corona. Plasma was not found after visiting several hospitals and trying to get helpline. Sohini also searched various places in the vicinity. In the end, the dating app Tinder became the savior. Sohini Chatterjee explained the whole incident in detail in a tweet. In his words, a great thing happened at such a difficult time. No one on a dating site is looking for a plasma donor. But it’s really nice to find someone like that. For now, my friend is slowly recovering. Doctors said his body would no longer need plasma. In fact, many people have written about plasma donation in the bio of this dating app. Which deserves praise. Sohini’s caption was also quite funny. At the end is written “Dating app 1, govt 0”.

Incidentally, patients with corona are treated with plasma therapy. In this case, first the plasma is taken from the body of the patients who have just recovered from the deadly virus. It is then applied to the affected patient’s body. Due to this, antibody-rich plasma enters the patient’s body and eliminates the infection. However, people in different parts of the country are facing the same problem as Sohini in search of plasma. And many attempts are failing. Plasma deficiency is noticeable in multiple places like Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra. Just last week, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a plasma shortage.

Needless to say, the country witnessed another record infection on Wednesday. The total number of corona cases in the country in a single day was 2,95,041. The death virus has killed 2023 people. The number of active cases is 1.23 lakh. 1.6 lakh have recovered. With this, over two lakh infections were seen for seven consecutive days. The whole country is suffering from panic.

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