Sadhan Pande Covid Positive: The fear is true, Minister Sadhan Pande’s body is also infected with the virus!

#Kolkata: After Madan Mitra, this time Corona was attacked by Sadhan Pande, the Minister of State. According to the family sources of the state minister, Sadhan Babu had been suffering from severe shortness of breath since Thursday morning. He was later admitted to a bypass private hospital. Sadhanbabu’s coronavirus was tested there. As soon as the report came, it was learned that the outgoing Minister of Consumer Protection of the state was attacked by Corona.

However, according to the latest news, Sadhan Pandey has been released from the hospital. Sources said that despite repeated requests from doctors, Sadhanbabu did not want to stay in the hospital. After that, Sadhan Babu’s corona test report came positive and his followers were worried about whether he would go to the hospital again. However, even if he is not admitted to the hospital, he can stay at home quarantine at home.

Sadhan Pandey is also contesting from Maniktala center in this election. The last phase of the state vote on April 29 at his center. So he wanted to stay in the area to avoid the loss of publicity. But he has to stay away from publicity for the time being as Corona is infected. However, the concern is that Sadhan Pandey has been suffering from complex kidney problems for a long time. He has even had a kidney transplant.

According to the source, Sadhanbabu was suffering from various physical problems for the last few days. He also attended the funeral of the late poet Shankha Ghosh on Wednesday. But after returning home from there, his health deteriorated last night. He was admitted to the hospital this morning after a corona test revealed that he had contracted the deadly virus.

However, not only Sadhan Pandey, but also CPM candidate Sujan Chakraborty and Trinamool candidate Madan Mitra have been admitted to the hospital with corona. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury has also been infected with the deadly virus. Kajal Sinha, a grassroots candidate from Kharada, is also affected by Corona.

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