The big decision of the commission before the next round, ‘No’ at the road show in Corona-Kanchi! EC announces new curbs due to covid situation in Bengal now on no road shows no bike rallies or car rallies– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The Election Commission has banned road shows and processions in the seventh and eighth rounds of elections. Political parties will have to abide by this directive from 7 pm tomorrow (Friday) That is what the commission said.

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in West Bengal on a large scale within the polls. Even then, regardless of party affiliation, there is no rush to flout the Corona rule. In that situation, the Election Commission imposed stricter restrictions before the seventh and eighth rounds of voting in Bengal.

No road shows or walks will be allowed under the new ban. There will be no bicycle or bike or car rally. A public meeting can be held with a maximum of 500 people. But in that case there must be a suitable place to meet the social distance. All coronavirus safety rules must be followed.

The commission further clarified that road shows, bicycle or bike or car rallies were already allowed, but were being withdrawn. If permission is given in the case of public meeting, it has to be done in accordance with the changed rules.

However, questions have started to arise about the decision of the commission. The question of the concerned quarters, when the situation has taken a terrible shape, did the Commission regain consciousness? Thus, there is not much time left in the last seventh and eighth phase of the campaign. The campaign will end 72 hours earlier. As a result, the eighth and last campaign will end on April 26 at 6:30 pm. The seventh round of campaigning will end on April 23. So the rest of the time is just less.

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