The Trinamool still wants the last two points together, the BJP against, no political figure behind

#Kolkata: Don’t explode across the country. The question of why the eight-point vote was raised in Bengal from the very beginning has now become even stronger. The commission has been saying from the beginning that it is not possible to change the schedule in the middle of the vote due to legal and procedural reasons. Neither the demand for grassroots integration nor the counter-argument of the commission is to be discarded. But the question is elsewhere, are the gains and losses of the political parties hidden in the merger? Some observers say, yes, the BJP will not be able to question the merger on the question of loss.

What is that loss? As the schedule for the 2021 Assembly elections in Bengal is being presented, it is a coincidence that the schedule has been prepared in such a way that the early voting took place only in those areas where the lotus-wind is high. Such as Jangalmahal or Du Medinipur. On the other hand, the polls are moving towards the end in many areas where the BJP could not make a dent in the last Lok Sabha polls. Attachment in this case means a coup on the campaign which will have a direct impact on the ballot box. Candidates will accept the question of the right to campaign?

With Corona in mind, the BJP, like other parties, is being careful in its campaigning, and the PM’s meeting itself is following the Kovid rules. But the BJP camp is not willing to cut the canal and bring crocodiles away from the light of propaganda. It should be remembered that the BJP did not do well in the last Lok Sabha elections in Kolkata. The results were not good even in the twenty-four parganas. In the end, if we want to get the maximum benefit in these areas, we want full-fledged propaganda, like the BJP in the state.

However, the BJP is also in turmoil. How are those two? Political analyst Sambit Pal said, “There is no doubt that the BJP’s campaign will be hampered by the annexation of the polls. That is why the BJP has not yet taken a clear stand on the issue. The supply of vaccines to the BJP, which is creating an atmosphere of opposition to the BJP, could make the BJP uncomfortable, so the gains outweigh the losses in the amalgamation. It may not have a big impact on their ballot box, but rather the Corona situation and they will be able to use this protracted schedule to oppose the BJP politically. “

The BJP’s inner argument is that once the vote is over, one can breathe a sigh of relief because of the situation. But when it comes to the percentage of votes, the issue is quite complicated. Trinamool came to power in the anti-CPM vote. But over the last ten years the organization has become stronger little by little. Although several leaders have left the party, grassroots core voters are now intact. Evidence of this was found in the last Lok Sabha vote. In this way, the BJP’s core electorate has not yet been formed in the state. Their reliance is on passion, Modi magic, polarization and so on. In a word, the floating vote is the help of the Gerua camp. The BJP has no other weapon in the hands of this floating voter except the omnipotent propaganda. If it is connected, the scissors will run at that opportunity.

Many political observers agree that the Corona situation could also favor the grassroots. Because even in this situation, the grassroots core voters will vote for the party, desperate for protection. In this situation, the BJP’s challenge is to retain the anti-ruling vote, to create a magnetic force to take voters to the polls. In this case, the reduction of the percentage of votes means that the forehead will be folded in the Gerua camp. And Corona can create that situation.

There is no denying that the state’s minority vote is a big grassroots vote bank. Meanwhile, despite the politics of final polarization of the Gerua camp, it cannot be said now that the Hindu vote has been consolidated. Corona can also polarize in this situation. In other words, in this difficult situation, the grassroots will be able to pull the minority vote to the ballot box as well as it is, and it will be a relatively difficult task to bring the floating vote to the ballot box in Hindutva. And in that case integration can be the main obstacle. If this reason is maintained, the BJP certainly does not want the polls to be held. In turn, the grassroots have raised their voices in favor of amalgamation. Even if the situation is awkward, it can be said for sure that the voting will be done according to the schedule

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