WhiteHat Jr Collaborates with Kapil Dev to Create Unique Learning Opportunities for Children

WhiteHat Jr, a leading EdTech company known for delivering live online classes
in Coding & Math, has collaborated with ace cricketer and former World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev
to make learning fun and engaging. The association leverages a Cricket-based project to inspire students
to create interesting applications. The project known as Kapil's Swing Bowling XI will be interwoven in
the WhiteHat Jr curriculum to encourage students to create a mobile app that stimulates bowling on a
cricket pitch by applying expert inputs in the form of bowling tips provided by the legendary cricketer.
Children can access this special project after completing 8 classes on the platform. Students will get
exclusive access to a creative library of Kapil Dev’s images & videos, where he will be sharing his
expertise as a bowler, in the form of tips. This one-of-a-kind project will connect children to their
passion for cricket and help them apply concepts learnt in the course to a real-life situation. They can
further extend and personalize their application as they choose. The project has been customized for
students across levels – from beginner to intermediate to advanced to pro – with the level of complexity
increasing with functions built into the simulator. The company hopes to inspire thousands of students
to create their own unique applications.
Speaking about the association, Kapil Dev said, “The exposure that today’s kids have is unbelievable and
this project with Whitehat Jr aims to inspire children to create their own mobile application building on
nuggets offered by me is a prime example of how engaged thinking and learning can lead to pointed
outcomes. To be able to involve the next generation to understand the science behind tried and tested
bowling methodologies is remarkable. I am excited to see kids’ creative rendition in the form of new-
age apps.”
“For children to become creators, we need to make learning fun, engaging and application-oriented, ”
said Balaji Ramanujam, Chief Learning Officer, WhiteHat Jr. "We believe this project will pave the way
for many such integrations across different interest areas that children have.”

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