Wife and daughter sat on the sidewalk in front of the dead body for 9 hours! The metropolis did not look back


#Kolkata: It’s ten o’clock in the morning. At the corner of Rasbihari, on the way to Hazra, there was a dead body. A woman and her daughter were sitting in front of the body. It took a long time to hear the news from side to side. The police had the news. It was learned that the woman and her daughter were sitting on the open road with the body for 9 hours. According to sources, the body belongs to Ganga Das. Ganga used to polish shoes there for a long time. Habitat, that sidewalk. He lived with his lame wife and daughter. Ganga has been quite ill for the last few days. Illness increased a lot yesterday. There is no money to show the doctor. Ganga’s wife complained that no one came forward to stand by them. Lots of people have been walking on the sidewalk since morning, no one has looked back.

Police are deployed at every corner of the Rash Behari intersection in Kolkata. But no help was received from the police. According to Gangu’s crippled wife Renu, her husband died of a heart attack at around one o’clock last night. What happened to the Ganges? Everyone has a clear answer to this question. Not tested. The kind of caution that was supposed to be done did nothing.

After that, the police of Kalighat police station brought the body van around 11:30 pm. When the body of Ganga Das was taken away. However, locals say, the body was not taken according to the Corona protocol. Who is responsible for this negligence? Of course, no one has the answer.

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