Corona-thorn in the subway of Kolkata, the number of metros is decreasing! Yet sneezing awareness

#Kolkata: The Second Wave of Covid in India is the whole country. There were deaths all around, lines of people suffering from shortness of breath due to lack of oxygen. In this situation, the atmosphere of panic again in the Kolkata Metro (Kolkata Metro Railway). Several Kolkata Metro workers have already been affected by the corona. Not only that, the authorities have decided to reduce the number of metros by anticipating the situation.

According to the source, the number of daily metros is being reduced from next Monday. There are now 256 metros operating on weekdays. But due to the current Corona situation, this number is being reduced to 236 from Monday. The number of metro traffic on Saturday and Sunday is also decreasing. There will be 217 metros on Saturday and only 100 on Sunday.

According to the Kolkata Metro Authority, several employees of the Metro Rail have been infected with the corona. Even many of the passengers are traveling in the metro with the symptoms of corona. In this situation, it has been decided to reduce the number of trains.

After a long lockdown, Kolkata Metro started running again with only e-pass. Initially very few metros started running but gradually the number increased. Even when local trains started running in the state, that number was further increased. At the same time, the rules of e-pass were changed and exemption was given to women, the elderly and those below 15 years of age. Metro’s e-pass system was then lifted without office hours from last December.

But again the second wave of Corona hit hard. More than eleven thousand people are being affected in one day in the state. The average death is more than fifty people. The whole country is facing a very difficult challenge. This time his fire came to the subway of Calcutta.

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