Derek O Brien mocks at BJP for promising free vaccines in Bengal

#Kolkata: As soon as the state comes to power, everyone will be given free vaccine (Coronavirus Vaccine) The BJP has made such a promise on this day The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the state has backtracked on the BJP’s promise, citing the example of Bihar. Trinamool MPs Derek O’Brien’s counter-question is why the BJP did not provide free vaccines even with the same promise in the election?

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said that from May 5, everyone will be given free vaccines at the initiative of the state government. “Trinamool made this promise yesterday,” Derek wrote on Twitter. And BJP is giving 7 today That’s the big difference between the two teams. “

Derek and Bryan have claimed that the BJP’s promise ahead of the last two rounds of elections in the state is completely false. Posting a video on the same tweet, the Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP questioned, “It is a hoax about the BJP’s vaccine during the election. In Bengal, there are two rounds of votes left, and just then the BJP is making this promise Remember what the BJP did in Bihar! At the time of the election, Bihar had promised to provide free vaccines in the same way But nothing happened after that The election is over, the BJP has forgotten everything He is talking about giving free vaccine to everyone in Bengal in the same manner Don’t trust the BJP. ” The BJP-JDU alliance government is in power in Bihar at the moment

As the rate of corona infection increases, so does the demand for the vaccine in the state, as in the rest of the country. And in the Bengal of elections, vaccination seems to be becoming a new weapon to win the hearts of the masses Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been calling for free vaccines from the very beginning The chief minister had written to the prime minister on February 24 demanding that the state government buy vaccines directly and vaccinate people for free. Although he complained, he did not receive a reply to the letter

However, a few days ago, the central government decided that all states would be able to buy vaccines directly from vaccine manufacturers. However, Mamata Banerjee wrote a letter to the Prime Minister again protesting the inequality in vaccine prices. There, he demanded that every Indian should get a free vaccine Its cost is borne by the center or the state The Chief Minister informed that the state government has set aside a fund of Tk 100 crore to buy the vaccine

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