June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Housing Community Hall – Basement Quarantine Center! KMC preparing alternative quarantine centers all over Kolkata to fight with Covid 19 second wave– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Infection has surpassed the city of Kolkata as soon as the Covid-19 Second Wave hit. In terms of numbers, Kolkata still dominates all the districts of the state. It is followed by the northern twenty-four parganas. The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (KMC) has issued important guidelines to deal with this situation from the very beginning. To bring the situation under control, isolation centers will be set up in the community halls of the city’s large dwellings. In addition, several important steps are being taken. The administration has requested the people of Kolkata to abide by these rules to make them more secure.

At the same time, KMC has started more sanitation work in the city. People are being appealed to wear face masks and comply with social distance rules. There are also some emergency phone numbers from telemedicine to ambulance and from there to the control room.

It has been decided that as there is a shortage of space in hospitals in the city, alternatively quarantine centers, isolation centers and safe homes will be set up in different parts of the city. Isolation centers, safehomes and quarantine centers will be set up on the underground floors or basements of large multi-storey dwellings in the city if required.

Bedding, medicine, oxygen and other essential items will be provided to the affected people in accordance with the Corona Rules. The phone numbers of two doctors and two police officers in the area will be written on a piece of paper and hung outside those quarantine centers and safe homes. The phone numbers of two doctors of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation will be given, so that the doctor’s advice can be taken on the phone at any time.

The guidelines say that whatever steps were taken by the state government and the Calcutta Municipal Corporation last year to handle the situation in Corona, the same steps will be taken this year as well. This time too, an emergency number list will be prepared for each ward from Kolkata Municipal Corporation. So that all the phone numbers of the police station, doctor, oxygen will be given in that area.

Several helpline phone numbers have already been launched. The helpline numbers are – 1800 313 444 222, 033 4090 2929/033 22897 202/033 2241 1255 Phone number for ambulance. 033 235 76001 (Telemedicine) to consult a doctor. 033 22861 212 and 033 22 86 1313 Phone numbers of the control room of Calcutta Municipal Corporation. You can also contact WhatsApp on 83 359 88888.

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