If you do not follow the rules of the Corona FIR candidate, after the intervention of the High Commission, a strict commission! In view of Kolkata High court observation CEC directed EC to be more strict on covid 19 rule violation– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Corona infection (Covid 19 Second Wave) is on the rise in the state. Among them is the eight-point assembly vote (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021). In this situation, several public interest litigation cases have been filed in the court against the Corona rule. In its hearing, the Calcutta High Court on Thursday practically slammed the Election Commission. After that, the commission sat motionless. At a meeting of the commission on Friday, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra made it clear that no candidate would be given a discount if he did not abide by the Corona rules.

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) said in today’s meeting, “If there is a need to file an FIR against a candidate who does not follow the Corona rules.” “Why is the High Court intervening to abide by the Corona Rules? Why aren’t you taking any action on your own? Make an FIR against those who do not abide by the rules and send us its compliance report,” Sushil Chandra told commission officials.

According to sources, six candidates have already been protested in Malda for violating the Kovid rules in the election campaign. The district administration is going to take action against several people for not following the Corona rules. Not only in Malda, but also in Birbhum, the concerned district administration has registered an FIR against 6 candidates for violating the Corona Rules. At the meeting on Friday, the Chief Election Commissioner expressed his displeasure over the non-observance of Corona rules during the election campaign in the state. Sushil Chandra has directed the Election Commission officials and district governors to take charge in this regard. Incidentally, the Chief Election Commissioner himself was attacked by Kovid a few days ago. Apart from him, Rajiv Kumar and other high-ranking officials of the Election Commission are also said to be cowardly positive, according to commission sources.

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