Rejection of the proposal for the attachment of the clause, the question of ‘bombs’ in the vote of the Chief Election Commission! Election Commission had a full bench meeting regarding 7th and 8th phase polling in Bengal– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The Election Commission (EC) held a high-level meeting on Friday before the seventh and eighth rounds of elections in the state. This meeting is held in partial virtual and partial presence. At the end of the meeting, the possibility of holding the remaining two rounds of elections together was completely ruled out by the commission.

Besides, the details of the Sixth Phase Election were also discussed and reviewed in today’s meeting. The Chief Election Commissioner wanted to know why there was so much unrest on the day of polling even though there was no incident of booth occupation. Why so many bombs are being dropped on and after polling day. The full bench of the commission also questioned why the firing was being carried out.

North and South Kolkata have votes in the seventh and eighth rounds. According to sources, the commission is paying extra attention to the two-phase election in Kolkata. If necessary, the commission has also directed to make ‘preventive arrest’ in those assembly constituencies before the election. The commission also directed to start a search to recover weapons and bombs stored in the area. Besides rescuing them, the commission has also directed to arrest the ‘anti-socials’ in the area.

Incidentally, the Calcutta High Court has already questioned the role of the Election Commission in managing the polls in Corona. The Calcutta High Court on Thursday said there was considerable negligence in conducting the polls. On the same day, a division bench of the High Court headed by Chief Justice TBN Radhakrishnan said that the commission could not absolve itself of its responsibilities in the Corona epidemic in this way only through circulars. A number of public interest litigation cases are pending in the court, including Shitalkuchi, regarding vote-centric violence and the ban on corona. The High Court strongly reprimanded the commission in its hearing.

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