Somewhere the body falls 16 hours, somewhere 24! Corona’s black day back in Bengal …

#Kolkata: Just like the action replay of a scene from a year ago. Just at this time last year, in the middle of Lockdown in Bengal, one could see the Bengal side, one scene after another. Dead people fell on the road. Somewhere, many could not even arrange for the funeral of the body members of the family members, the body was lying for hours. That day came back again. Gradually, as if panic is spreading side by side, all the horrible incidents are being seen again.

The body of an old woman who died after being infected with corona fell for 18 hours in Kolkata. Arrangements were made to remove the body after the incident was reported in various media. Haltu Pal used to live in Haltu area. He has been suffering from shortness of breath for the last few days. Corona was tested on Wednesday. But by then it was too late. He died on Thursday. No ambulance was found to take him to the hospital, the family claimed. Even bed arrangements could not be made. Three hours after his death, his report came back positive. After that, the body remained at home from Thursday night till 12 noon. It is alleged that the local administration did not take any action in this regard at the beginning. Eventually the funeral was arranged to spread the news in the media.

On the other hand, the body of the deceased was found in Corona for 14 hours at Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas. The man died at around 1pm on Thursday. His son complained that he did not get any help by calling various departments of the government. The man was attacked by Corona on April 18. But he was not admitted to any hospital. Oxygen did not match.

The same picture is in Krishnanagar of Nadia. It is learned that the body of an old man who died due to corona was lying in Ukil Para of Shaktinagar for a long time. According to his family sources, the owner of a drug store opposite Shaktinagar District Hospital in Krishnanagar died at around 2 last night. Allegedly, the local municipality was informed but no action was taken to remove the body. The man’s wife and daughter are both affected by the corona. The boy lives abroad. The local administration has been informed more than once since the death of the old man but no action has been taken. At the end of the day, the body was taken away.

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