June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘We have to reduce hospital pressure with our own precautions’, don’t be aware of virtual polls: Modi – News18 Beganli

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#NewDelhi: The last two rounds of the West Bengal Election 2021 (6th Phase and 7th Phase Vote) are pending. Voting, meetings and processions have been stopped in the state after the Election Commission’s ban. As a result, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not come to the state on Friday to hold a virtual meeting (PM Virtual Meeting).

Modi himself tweeted at 5.30 pm on Thursday that he was canceling three Bengali tours as there was an important meeting in Delhi on the cowardly situation in the country. In a virtual campaign on Friday, Modi first mentioned that he could not come to Bengal in the Corona situation and apologized. However, he said that even though he is out of Bengal, he always remembers the lines of Rabindranath’s Bangla songs. Modi said, ‘I apologize for not being able to reach you. If I can’t go to Bengal, I remember a verse by Rabindranath Tagore. “And the soil of my country is the head after you.” Turning to the corners of West Bengal, I realized that there is a determination to build a golden Bengal here. “

How will the people of Bengal deal with the second wave of Coronavirus (Coronavirus 2nd Wave)? Modi also reminded him of that in the virtual campaign. He says, ‘To survive from Corona, be careful. We have to be careful. Then the pressure of the hospital will decrease. We have to follow the advice of scientists and doctors. The mask should be worn even after vaccination. The whole face should be covered. Remember dawai v aur karai v. It has to be a mantra. Bengali will win. BJP will win. We will move forward together. ‘

On this day, Modi reminded once again what the Bengali BJP has decided to do to build a golden Bengal. “Thank you for voting for the BJP in the 6-point vote,” he said. The desire for change is strong in people. I have no words to express the way you voted. I can see hope for real change in the people of Bengal. Bengal is waiting for development, peace and security. The BJP is determined to make this change.

He assured, ‘Everyone in Malda, Murshidabad, Birbhum and South Kolkata wants the old glory of West Bengal to come back. In a state where people used to come to fulfill their dreams, the BJP’s double-engine government will not hesitate to do so. Dengue is a big problem in Bengal. Every year people get infected with this disease. BJP Bangla is determined to eradicate this disease. In Modi’s words, ‘Education is needed in the mother tongue. The BJP government will implement a new central education policy in Bengal. He also assured that work on women protection and Kolkata Metro would be expedited.

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