Buddhadeb Guha: Corona-affected literary Buddhadeb Guha

#Kolkata: The country is in turmoil due to the second wave of corona virus. News of one corona attack after another is coming. This time the literary Buddhadev Guha was attacked by Corona. But for now, there is not much pain in his body. He is in isolation in a hotel. However, not only he but his eldest daughter and the driver of the car were also affected.

Literary Buddhadev Guhar is 6 years old. He had been suffering from cold and cough for some time. Moreover, he has some illnesses due to his age. Slightly caught pneumonia. But his taste and smell are all right. He is a little worried that everyone in the house is infected with covid together. However, it is known that his body is stable for the time being. He is the author of one after another outstanding novels like ‘Madhukari’, ‘Kojagar’, ‘Abbahika’, ‘Babli’. Many people have loved the jungle with his eyes. Loved the writing. Concern is growing naturally as the corona report of everyone’s favorite writer has come positive.

A few days ago, the star poet of Bengali literary world Shankha Ghosh passed away. He was also admitted to the hospital with Kovid. He was 90 years old. Our Bengalis can’t accept his departure at all. This time panic is being created again about the literary Buddhadev Guha. However, he said, “It will not end so soon.” His morale will be lost to Corona. This man has an impossible mind. And that is why all the characters have come alive in his writing. .

The cowardly situation in the country is creating panic among the people. The whole country erupted in the second wave of Corona. People are crying about everything from oxygen cylinders to beds. In this situation, the news of one person’s corona attack after another is increasing the fear! The news that the literary Buddhadev Guhar was not attacked is making people think so much!

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