June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Lack of center planning responsible for two Corona storms, Prashant Kishore took another storm on Twitter

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#Kolkata: The country is shaking with covid fever. In the last twenty-four hours, about three and a half million people have been infected. In this first country, the death toll in one day has crossed one thousand. In this atmosphere, while the opposition parties are pointing fingers at the failure of the Center, Prashant Kishore also entered the hall. Once again, PK lashed out at the government’s recklessness for the Corona situation.

This morning, Prashant Kishore mentioned about two problems of two coronary years on Twitter. He wrote, “The sudden onset of the first wave of corona caused many people to suffer more than Covid. And not the second corona, more people will die for lack of oxygen, medicine and hospital.”

Not to be outdone, Prashant Kishore wrote, “The government’s recklessness and lack of planning are responsible for both.”

For so long, Prashant Kishor’s Twitter pin-to-top was his famous post, where he claimed that the BJP would not be able to win even 100 seats in Bengal. But now remove it Pin to Top is a post on June 5, 2020. Where Prashant Kishore wrote Corona disaster is real. And all the false promises of the government will be leaked one day. But unfortunately, the people under this pillar will pay the highest price for this disaster.

Why this tweet is pin to top. It is believed that PK did this tactically. Not only Mamata Banerjee’s Shibir, but also the PK is becoming a hotbed of anti-centric politics. In that case, it is believed that he wants to tie the tone of anti-center politics at the moment. Mamata Banerjee is questioning the management of the center in the vaccine-corona situation from the relevant oxygen. Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are also raising questions. At that time, the new rice of the peak, to see how much response it received in the public mind.

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