Mamata Banerjee: Observers’ chat documents in Mamata’s hands? He will go to the Supreme Court on the allegation of bias in the Bangabhote …

#Bolpur: Mamata held a meeting with 11 candidates from Birbhum. Despite the routine meeting, El Mamata’s explosive allegations came to the fore. He was already complaining about the bias of the commission. This time Mamata brought up a conversation. According to Mamata, the conversation was a WhatsApp chat of police observers. The Trinamool leader alleged that her party leaders were being detained illegally on the eve of the polls at the behest of the observers. WhatsApp is being planned in advance. Mamata called for a transparent, non-partisan vote in the future, with a message to go to the Supreme Court against it.

Today, Saturday, Mamata Banerjee told a press conference that the commission was giving instructions over the phone and arresting the leaders of my party before the election. I have all the WhatsApp chats. I will go to the Supreme Court as soon as the election is over. Mamata further says, I have endured a lot in 2017 as well. We will see how transparent elections can be held in the country in the coming days.

Despite allegations of bias, Mamata is optimistic about victory. His argument is that even with so much, the BJP will not pass the 70s.

Trinamool has been demanding the integration of votes for a long time. The commission did not listen to that. Meanwhile, do not increase with the scale. “We are not getting any justice from the commission,” she said. Kovid has grown so much that the Election Commission voted after listening to the BJP.

Mamata allegedly spoke to police on a WhatsApp group. The TravelMonger code is being used to refer to the grassroots there. And there is talk of arresting grassroots miscreants. Mamata’s question is, “Why should grassroots people be detained in advance to benefit the BJP?”

Desperate to prove that what is happening is planned, the Trinamool leader gave several examples today. He said the leaders of Mangalkot, Budbud, North Dumdum have been kept from dawn to dusk.

The Trinamool leader wants to go to the Supreme Court with this ‘information’. In his words, “I have no problem in following the monarchy. We have bowed our heads too much.

Mamata further says that she was able to catch this ‘conspiracy’ from the Nandigram episode. In his words, “Nandigram has opened my eyes. Abdur Samad is telling the driver to stay at the police station all day.”

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