June 18, 2021

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सोमे सप्तम-दफा, Rudra to Sayani, एकनजरे तार्क परार्थीरा … Celebrity candidates in 7th Phase assembly election on Monday– News18

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#Kolkata: Seventh round, elections for 34 seats in 5 districts of the state on Monday. Voting took place in 4 constituencies in Kolkata, 6 in South Dinajpur, 9 in West Burdwan, 6 in Malda and 9 in Murshidabad. Four ministers of the state are contesting in the seventh phase. Although everyone’s attention is on Bhabanipur.

Mamata Banerjee’s Khastalu has been nominated by the Trinamool Congress this time as the party’s veteran leader Shobhandev Chatterjee. In the 1996 by-election, the outgoing power minister of the state won from Rash Behari. He has been the MLA there since then. But this time the Trinamool Congress has fielded Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as she has left Bhabanipur for Nandigram. His opponent in this election is Rudranil Ghosh of BJP. Ekushey, once known as a close ally of left-wing politics and later the Trinamool Congress, has joined the Gerua camp. Tollywood actor Rudranil, who has been embroiled in one controversy after another after joining the BJP, is in the fray this time. Not only that, he is the grassroots candidate in Mamata’s house.

BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh from Bhabanipur is one of the important centers for assembly elections.  Once known as the Left.  After that he came to BJP as grassroots.  Trolling him on social media is also intensifying.  This time she will fight in the center where Mamata Banerjee is the MLA.  Rudranil has started campaigning with Pujo to win in this difficult center. Bhabanipur: BJP candidate Rudranil Ghosh.

Asansol South Center is eyeing the seventh round of voting. Tollywood star Saini Ghosh is the grassroots candidate here. On the other hand, BJP leader and fashion designer Agnimitra Paul is against him. Saini, a Trinamool Congress candidate, is contesting from this eye-catching center. Before the election, the tolly-actress got into a tweet war with the BJP leaders. Then the Trinamool nominated him.

Despite being a newcomer to politics, Saini had announced after getting the ticket that she would not leave any gap. He did so. He sucked the highway from the alley of Asansol and went down in the campaign. He has been seen running with a piece of sari in his hand. Never on the electoral stage. The Bollywood actress and Saini, who was once a member of the leftist movement, tweeted a picture of a throat-filled ganda mala herself. The opponent has branded such Saini as ‘external’. Not only that, there was anger among the local grassroots leadership over the ‘external’ Saini.

  Asansol South is eye-catching Asansol South is eye-catching

Agnimitra Paul, a BJP candidate, fashion designer by profession and leader of the party’s women’s front, is again the daughter of Ashok Roy, a prominent doctor from Burnpur. That is why in addition to calling herself a ‘house girl’, she has called Saini an ‘outsider’ in almost every day campaign. In Agnimitra’s words, “Even if an outsider is a candidate here, he will not get votes.” Saini, however, reminded that Agnimitra has been without Asansol or Burnpur for the last 24 years after marriage. Saini says, ‘He and I both came here at the same time. Before that both of them were working in Calcutta.

Agnimitra, once the heartthrob of the fashion world, is now a full-fledged politician. He is now very smart after overcoming the initial inertia of setting foot in politics. She has already got the post of president of the BJP’s state women’s front. On the one hand, Agnimitra’s ‘house girl’ demands. On the other hand, Saini, who is campaigning with the storm. Who can win the hearts of Asansol South? Monday’s test will be that fate test.

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