June 23, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

a couple from kolkata arranging food for corona positive patients | Corona is affected by home isolation? ‘Dolar Kitchen’ delivering food – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: The second wave of Coronavirus has spread across the country (COVID 19 India). People in multiple metro cities and villages of the country have started to be affected. Many are infected (Corona Positive), but do not need hospitalization. In that case, even if they are at home or in the residence, there is no one to help. The Ghosh couple of Phulbagan is making arrangements to send food to the affected people three times a day. Egg rice, fish rice, meat rice are being sent to them. For which a special team has been formed. Where there are 5 cooks and 3 delivery boys. And of course there are Sharmistha and Indranil Ghosh.

Cooking started at the Ghosh couple’s house from dawn. The kitchen is open 365 days and 16 hours. Doctors are telling the people suffering from covid to eat a balanced diet. Accordingly, rice, pulses, five kinds of fried, seasonal vegetable curry, fish broth, egg broth and meat recipes are being prepared. Those who are cooking are using masks, hair covers, gloves, and those who are delivery boys are keeping PPE kits with them. PPE is not always possible to go from house to house or residence. So sanitizer is a must. There are masks, head covers, gloves. They arrived at the home of the Kovid victims with disposable containers. But no one enters the house. Either left in front of the door. Or they call, ring the door bell and leave food at a certain place.

One delivery boy, who did not want to be named, said, ‘At first I was really scared. Because everyone was saying that if you go closer, it will become corona. Now, of course, it is not happening. We are coming with food in compliance with all protocols, maintaining proper distance. It is good to see that these sick people are getting food on time even in the midst of so much hardship and helplessness. Those who have made arrangements to deliver this food are happy to be able to do this. Sharmishtha Ghosh, who runs the kitchen, says, “The number of phone calls is increasing every day. There are calls from more than one house where there are only two families. How do they eat when they are infected with corona? That’s why we took this initiative.” Indranil Ghosh said, “We have warned our comrades to do this. They have been asked to abide by the Kovid protocol.”

The cost for those who take egg rice is 115 rupees, the price for fish rice is 120 rupees, the price for meat rice is 180 rupees. Dolar Kitchen Foods will also be available for Kovid victims from any online food app.


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