As soon as night falls, the whole of Bengal will keep an eye on them

#Kolkata: Shire corona mitigation. In the middle of the night Pohale seventh point vote. In this phase, voting will be held in 34 seats of 5 districts. A total of 234 people, old and new, will sit for the fate test. However, in the meantime, the focus will be on a few.

Subrata Mukherjee will also give a fire test on the golden jubilee of entering electoral politics. CPI-M candidate Fuad Halim is against him in Baliganj constituency. He also goes no further in the question of public support. Already, after recovering from the Corona War, the public has taken notice by donating plasma. So the fight in Baliganj this time is an experience versus the dream of the youth.

Voting in this episode is also in Mamata Banerjee’s home ground Bhabanipur. Even if Mamata Banerjee herself does not stand in this center, the popularity and credibility of Shobhandev Chatterjee who is fighting for her is unquestionable. Known as a soft-spoken working man, the family of state power minister Shobhandev has been a resident of South Kolkata for more than two centuries. Actor Rudranil Ghosh, who joined the BJP after leaving the party in the face of votes, will give a fiery test tomorrow on the battlefield with him. Ordinary people will be eagerly waiting to see if he has a smile on his face at the end of this fight.

Mamata Banerjee’s close confidante, Firhad Hakim, the state’s prime minister, is also in the fray. If he wins this time, Firhad will score a hat trick in Kolkata Port area.

Malay Ghatak, another minister from Asansol North, is contesting for the third time. The law and labor minister will also score a hat-trick if he wins this time. However, Asansol South will be equally visible to the public. The reason is that Saini Ghosh has joined the grassroots just before the election and got the ticket. In a word, the lively Saini has taken the campaign by storm. People will want to see if that storm affects the ballot box. BJP candidate Agnimitra Pal, who is fighting against Saini, does not go for less.

There will also be enthusiasm for the Pandaveshwar Center. Because this time also the candidate Jitendra Tiwari is there. However, Jitendra is fighting for the BJP, not the Trinamool. On the other hand, Oishee Shosh has come from Jawaharlal Nehru University in distant Delhi and has fallen to the ground. He will fight tomorrow on the soil of Jamuria.

Besides, renowned economist Ashok Lahiri is fighting for BJP from Balurghat. Ordinary voters of Bengal are eager to know how much success he gets in this small field.

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