June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Bengal 7th Phase Election: Don’t Vote Violence, Deploy Seventy Thousand Adhasena in Seventh Round with Double Headache

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#Kolkata: One more point election. From Shitalkuchi to Baghdad, Bengal has witnessed a lot of bloodshed and controversy. In the seventh and last phase, the commission wants the election to be held in accordance with the code of conduct. At the same time, the commission, which is working to avoid any kind of violence, is enclosing the polling stations under tight security. There are a total of 698 companies of central forces in the state in the seventh phase of elections. Of these, 853 companies will be guarding the election booths.

According to sources, there will be 69,700 paramilitaries in the state in this phase. Besides, 85,300 soldiers guarding the booth. Let’s take a look at the assembly and see how many companies have been deployed there.

Asansol Durgapur 154 companies have reached paramilitary. There are 108 companies of paramilitary forces in South Dinajpur. Jangipur PID will have 102 company paramilitaries. Voting in this phase is in a large part of South Kolkata. 63 companies of paramilitary forces have been allotted for booths in South Kolkata. Malda will have 122 companies. Murshidabad will have company CRPF, CISF. Raiganj PD will have 2 company jawans.

Problems with the deployment of forces in the state from day one. During the voting period, the security of the voters and the environment free from violence were given priority by the central forces. But the situation became increasingly complicated. In the incident of firing in Shitalkuchi, the forces came to a standstill. The situation was aggravated by this incident. Gradually the background changed. Even in the Belagam Corona situation at the moment, Mamata Banerjee is pointing the finger at bringing troops from outside.

Meanwhile, the Commission has taken special initiatives for the voters of Kolkata city aged 60 years and above and especially those in need. The commission has taken special initiative to bring such voters from their homes to the polling booths free of cost under an agreement with cab driver company Uber. Voters aged 80 years and above or specially in-demand voters can come to Uber to vote at a distance that would cost a total of Rs 400 for travel. This service will be provided completely free of cost. The commission will bear the cost of travel.

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