Election commission starts app cab service for voters above 80 App Cab at home, free service commission for senior voters – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Those over the age of 60 can go to the booth from home and go to the booth to vote for free. Voters with special needs will also get the same facility The commission is launching the service in 11 centers in North and South Kolkata in the seventh phase of the polls For this special toll free number 7 has been introduced

In the seventh phase on Monday, there are 8 polling centers in 11 centers in North and South Kolkata The Election Commission has teamed up with Uber, the app cab company, to provide this facility to senior and over 70 special needs voters. If the fare for travel is within 400 rupees, then this facility will be available

According to the commission, in order to avail this facility, the voter has to call the 1950 toll free number and provide the part number or voter ID card number and name and address. A special promo code will be sent to the voter’s specific mobile by calling the toll free number. Voters can book Uber themselves using that promo code.

The commission had already introduced this system on an experimental basis in the fifth and sixth rounds of elections. In the fifth phase, the commission received a total of 42 applications out of which 18 voters took the service. In the sixth phase, 10 voters applied and each received the service, the commission said. As the Uber service in Kolkata is good enough, the Commission hopes that senior citizens in Kolkata or above or voters with special needs in Kolkata will respond positively to the Commission’s initiative.

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