Fear of a new lockdown to vote! And migrant workers do not want to go to Vinh State

#Raiganj: Migrant workers of Gobindapur village of Barua gram panchayat in Raiganj block do not want to go to foreign countries for work for fear of lockdown. The local panchayat has assured to work in the panchayat without going to the foreign state.

Numerous people from different parts of Uttar Dinajpur district go to Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh to work as laborers. All these migrant workers were seen during the lockdown across the country in March 2020. At that time, the plight of the migrant workers was made visible to the people of the country. Malay Sarkar, Dulal Dasra, a resident of Gobindpur village in Raiganj block, could not forget the horrors of that time in Vinh state. Most of the people of Gobindpur village in Raiganj block went to Bihar to work as laborers. The central government suddenly announced a nationwide lockdown. The issue of lockdown was not clear to them. As a result of the lockdown, the contracting company also stopped the work. They lost their jobs and became unemployed. After earning money, they sat down and ate. Someone is walking along the road, someone is riding a bicycle again. They could not cool down thinking how to return home. Like the others, will they return home on bicycles? From Muzaffarpur to Gobindpur village in Raiganj. How to return to the bike with this huge distance. After spending a few days thinking about all these thoughts, he decided one day that if they had to die, they would go home and die. With this thought, he rode his bicycle from Muzaffarpur. They did not have the money to buy something to eat on the street. If someone gives something on the street, but not if they have eaten. Reaching home with extreme difficulty by cycling through half-starvation.

After the outbreak of corona subsided, they returned to the state of Vienna for work in the hope of earning a living. The big festival of democracy is voting. They returned to the village to exercise their democratic rights in the Assembly vote. After coming to the village after the vote, the second wave of corona infection has hit the country. The number of corona cases is increasing rapidly. To deal with the situation, one day the government of the country may declare a lockdown again. The experience of the past days is still haunting them. So from that experience they do not want to go to another state. If they do not work, the family will not get food. If you are sitting in the village, you will not be able to work. So he went to the local gram panchayat member for work in the village. Panchayat members have assured them of their work. Numerous migrant workers of Gobindpur village are looking at that assurance.

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