June 19, 2021

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Fuad Halim gives priority to fighting Coronavirus 2 ‘Votes will come, life will not return’, don’t forget the number of victories and losses

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#Kolkata: There are less than 24 hours left for the election The main opposition is state panchayat minister and Dundee politician Subrata Mukherjee However, Corona’s second push is more about Baliganj CPM candidate Fuad Halim than winning the vote. Because in his words, ‘Election will come and go But when a person’s life is gone, it cannot be returned For me, it is more important to heal the sick than to win the election. “

Doctor himself 6 For many years, low-income people have been provided with low-cost or free medical services But in the last one year, he has become known as the doctor of the poor through social media Because Corona has been constantly on the lookout for marginalized people from her medical center during the emergency phase. By arranging dialysis for 50 rupees, he has garnered praise from all walks of life Corona himself became seriously ill due to infection But when he came back, he jumped with double effort to stand by the victims He has donated plasma seven times so far There are doubts as to whether there is a precedent in this state or in the whole country He even took time out from campaigning to see regular patients

But will this reputation as a poor doctor give him any extra advantage at the ballot box? In 2011, he lost to Subrata Mukherjee by about 50,000 votes in this Baliganj constituency. So the fight is very difficult Fouad himself does not deny that his numerous patients scattered across the Baliganj center are his main hope in this election.

“I have more than 6,000 patients at the Baliganj center,” said Fouad, son of the late Hasim Abdul Halim, former speaker of the state assembly. We have arranged cataract surgery for about 6,000 people in this center I am meeting a patient I know in almost every alley of Baliganj center I have been in touch with them all year round. ‘ Apart from this, Fouad alleges that many old parking lots and drainage problems in Baliganj have not been solved. Fouad is more optimistic that the Left-Congress alliance with the Trinamool will narrow the gap between the candidates in 2016 than in 2011.

However, the CPM candidate from Baliganj constituency still wants to give more importance to the fight against Corona. As a doctor by profession, he may say, “Dealing with Kovid is still of primary importance to me.” In the election campaign, I have repeatedly said to follow the rules of Kovid Elections will come and go, the rate of votes will be 6 But if a person’s life is gone, he cannot be returned As a result, there is nothing above human life The way the administration has failed to deal with Corona, I have exposed it to the people. “

However, Subrata Mukherjee, a Trinamool candidate from Baliganj, is not too worried about his reputation as one of the opposition’s doctors. He claims that politics has nothing to do with it There will be no reflection of it in the ballot box

He has walked an exceptional path as a doctor As a candidate, Fouad Halim is giving more importance to coronation than the number of votes. But will the people of Baliganj think differently about him? The answer will be known on 2 May 7

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