Important guidelines for the state with ‘Sanjivani’ remedic! Need to know …

#Kolkata: The West Bengal State Health Department has issued important instructions on the much needed remedivir for corona treatment. The Department of Health has issued new guidelines to prevent overuse of remedial injections. According to the guidelines, this remedy should be given only in case of extreme emergency. The state health department has also issued guidelines on which patients should be monitored through REMDCV.

Incidentally, the whole country was devastated by the second wave of the Corona. Wailing with oxygen-drugs all around. There has even been a massive black market with important medical supplies. Even injections of remedicines virtually absent from the market. Many people, even doctors, are overdosing on corona remedicivir. This guideline has been issued to stop that waste.

The Center has already had to intervene in the remediation. Import duty on remediation has also been waived. Not only that, it has been decided not to impose any import duty on the raw material required for making the remediation. The tariff exemption will be effective till October 31 this year, the Center said. In this situation, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also given some suggestions on remediation. The ICMR has made it clear that the injection does not reduce the risk of death, nor is it a life-saving drug for coronary artery disease.

According to ICMR, Remedaciv is a government-recognized drug that can be used in patients who are not hospitalized. Only hospitalized patients are advised to give this injection. At the same time, ICMR has informed that injections of this remedy should be given by choosing a period of five days out of ten days of illness. But there is no need to give this injection while at home. It has also been warned that giving remediation unnecessarily can have serious side effects.

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