It’s time to leave the wheelchair? Mamta with a broken leg ‘Mann Ki Baat’!

#Kolkata: The incident happened on March 11. One evening in Nandigram, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee suddenly injured her leg. Then straight to SSKM. Doctors said at least a month’s rest. But ‘Agnikanya’ is unhappy with such a decision in the middle of the vote. Wheelchair voting tour since then at SSKM for two days. About a month and a half passed. But how is the condition of the feet of Chief Minister Mamata? When will the plaster be cut?

Speaking at a virtual meeting for the 11 centers in Murshidabad on Sunday, Mamata said, Now maybe my leg is better. Since I can’t go home now, I can’t even cut the plaster. I have been out of the house for ten days in a row. Then I have to go home and cut the plaster. ‘

Mamata has repeatedly pointed fingers at the BJP’s conspiracy over the Nandigram injury. The BJP, on the other hand, has ridiculed Mamata’s condition as a ‘drama’. But sitting in a wheelchair, Mamata is the USP of this time. As a rule in every meeting, he said, ‘I have one leg now. The rest of the legs of my mother and sisters. He will keep Bengal out of the hands of foreigners with the help of the feet of those mothers and sisters of mine. ‘ In other words, she tactfully covered the issue of women’s suffrage with her broken leg.

Even today, Mamata said, ‘I have not wasted a single moment in the last month and a half with this condition of my feet. I have preached in every district. I stayed in that district during the campaign. I have had one meeting after another with leg injuries. I have not been able to return home for the last 10 days. Did Mamata give a dividend in the ballot box with that broken leg, the answer will be on May 2.

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