Mask Must in Bengal Bus: New rules introduced in Bengal, if you do not do this work, getting on the bus is absolutely forbidden!

#Kolkata: The second wave of Corona (Corona Second Wave) has hit the whole country. Not only Brahmins but also Bengalis. In West Bengal, the daily corona infection has reached the doorstep of about thirteen thousand. In this situation, the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates took an urgent decision. The syndicate has issued a new directive stating that bus drivers and conductors are required to wear masks. At the same time, passengers are instructed to get on the bus after the mask, otherwise they will not be allowed to get on. Although the same directive was issued after the bus service resumed at the end of the lockdown last year, the rule remained in place. Even when the situation is dire in the whole country, even today in Kolkata, many bus drivers, conductors, passengers have seen masks on their faces, not on anyone’s face.

Incidentally, a few days ago, the metro authorities took strict steps to stop Corona. As soon as someone gets on the metro without a mask, he may have to pay a maximum fine of Rs 200. Doctors have been emphasizing the use of masks to prevent corona. But most people are not using masks since the unlock episode. People have been seen walking on the roadside without masks for a long time. Which is not changing yet.

The number of corona cases in this state has been increasing by leaps and bounds for several days now. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Many people still do not have a mask on their face. And even if the mask is hanging on the chin. Doctors are suffering from this reckless attitude of people towards Corona.

In this situation, the police had to be aware again. On Sunday, an awareness campaign was launched on behalf of Laketown Police Station. Mike was warned in various places. Meanwhile, many people can be seen on the streets without masks. Police arrested four people wearing masks as soon as they were seen. Again, many masked buyers and sellers have been seen at Hari Shah Market near Khanna in Kolkata. However, the police surveillance was not seen there. Maniktala market is also a scene of that unconsciousness. Some of the masks are rolling down the chin. Many people are walking around the cobbler’s market in Ultodanga without a mask. Shopping from markets without shops is going on in crowded areas. In this situation, it remains to be seen how useful the ban is on getting passengers on the bus without masks.

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