State government takes over 1387 beds of private hospitals in Bengal Corona treatment increases to 138 beds, state acquires private hospital beds – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: The state government has acquired 136 beds in private hospitals across the state for the treatment of corona patients. This includes several private hospitals in Kolkata, as well as several private hospitals in other districts of the state. Of the 138 beds, 917 are general, 360 CCU, 90 HDU and 10 NICU beds.

As Kolkata and adjoining North 24 Parganas have the highest number of corona cases, the government has acquired several private hospital beds in Kolkata and adjoining areas. The government has acquired a total of 260 beds from various hospitals and nursing homes in Kolkata, including Peerless, RN Tagore, Medica, Fortis, CMRI, Bellevue, Daffodil, Columbia Asia. Similarly, the government has taken a total of 311 beds of corona patients from seven private hospitals in North 24 Parganas for treatment. The government has taken about 260 beds in two hospitals in Howrah The state health department has also acquired 200 beds from a reputed private hospital in West Burdwan.

The government has also acquired corona beds for patients from various private hospitals in South 24 Parganas, Darjeeling, Malda, West Midnapore, East Burdwan and North Dinajpur. In districts where the number of corona cases is growing alarmingly, the government has taken over private hospital beds for corona patients under patient pressure.

In the last few days, the number of corona cases in the state has been increasing exponentially The worst situation is in Kolkata and 7 of North 24 Parganas In Kolkata and adjoining areas, many critically ill Corona patients have to return or be harassed from one hospital to another without getting beds in public and private hospitals. Oxygen crisis is also being created The commission took over the beds of private hospitals to overcome that crisis

At the same time, the government has acquired 10 NICU beds for the treatment of children Because many children are also being affected by the second wave of corona

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