This time the crew of the ship in sight, special emphasis on health awareness at Khidirpur and Haldia ports.


#Kolkata: Health notices have already been issued in various ports of the country. Due to this, precautionary measures have been taken in Calcutta port. In addition to increasing surveillance at Khidirpur and Haldia ports, infrastructure standards have been improved. On an average, 12 foreign ships arrive at Khidirpur port every day. About 16 foreign ships arrive at Haldia port. According to port sources, each ship has at least 15 to 16 crew members. Thermal scanners are being used to test all these crews. There are thermal scanners at Khidirpur Dock and Haldia.

According to Kolkata Port sources, for the time being, every crew will be tested with a thermal scanner. More scanners are being brought. All of these thermal scanners can be taken to different places. The person who will be tested does not have to touch his body. It is possible to measure body temperature from a distance. So the port has decided that the health workers will check the ship with a thermal scanner as soon as the ship is jetty or deck. If any sick person is found he will be sent to the hospital. No one will be allowed to get off the ship before that. Kolkata Port has already spoken about this at Beleghata ID Hospital in Kolkata. An isolation ward has been set up at the port’s own hospital in Haldia. On an average, at least 350 people will be tested at Khidirpur and Haldia ports every day. Special arrangements are also being made for all the workers who will do this work. An additional 1,000 gloves and masks have already arrived.

In addition, there are gloves and masks for those who do the work of loading and unloading goods. Apart from foreign ships, ships off the coast of India are also being monitored. Especially that all the ships are coming to Kolkata from any port of Malaysia, Singapore or China. According to port sources, the list of those ships has already been prepared and sent to all the ports. This special transparency work has already started two weeks ago. The whole matter is being monitored by the Union Ministry of Health and the Union Ministry of Shipping from Delhi.

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