7th Phase Bengal Election: Trinamool candidate Debashis Kumar could not enter the booth

#Kolkata: Debashis Kumar got involved in a quarrel with the central forces in Rasbihari. He was not allowed to enter the booth. Debashisbabu alleged that the central forces objected to his entry into the booth. Debashis Kumar also counter-questioned why the candidate could not go to the booth. Talks continue on both sides. A representative of the central forces was also seen taking advice over the phone. The Central Force advised him not to enter the booth, but to stand at the door and talk to the agent. The quarrel did not last long. Debashis Kumar obeyed the forces.

There is already a long line of voting in Baliganj Shiksha Sadan and Arya Mandir. Sources said he did not prolong the incident so as not to disrupt the voting process in Corona, leaving the booth to speak to agents from a distance. He has already lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. Trinamool says the right of the candidate to enter the booth. In this case, that right is being curtailed.

Debashis Kumar said that according to what the Election Commission has said, candidates can enter the booth without any hesitation. If you don’t let them enter the booth, nothing will come of it. The peaceful booth is more important to me. I know the consequences. I will ask for a peaceful vote without giving priority to my entry.

The commission sat motionless after receiving the news from the source. Despite repeated requests, the commission wants to know why ADB law and order is blocking Trinamool Congress candidate Debashish Kumar from entering Rasbihari. Such incidents are not justifiable as the candidates are not able to enter the booths despite having identity cards, the commission said. The commission asked the ADG to look into the matter. Earlier, the commission had reminded that a similar incident had taken place in the case of Sujit Basu in Bidhannagar. The returning officer was also called on behalf of the commission. It is said that even if the candidate has an identity card, he will not be allowed to enter the booth so that such incidents do not happen. Returning officers, all the central forces have been warned in this incident.

Debashis Kumar, a candidate from Rasbihari Center, was the Mayor of the Horticulture Department of the Calcutta Municipality. In 2010 and 2015, he contested the elections on behalf of the Trinamool Congress. Shobhandev Chatterjee has fought in this center in the past. The state power minister candidate is in Bhabanipur this time. Debashis Kumar’s fight The new face of the BJP is former army chief Subrata Saha.

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