BJP agent arrested for indecent exposure of Trinamool agent in Rash Behari

#Kolkata: BJP’s agent Mohan Rao has been arrested on charges of indecent exposure of a female agent of a grassroots candidate. Convener Mohan Rao of the BJP’s X-Army organization was arrested by the police and a commotion broke out at the spot.

Allegedly, grassroots miscreants were terrorizing the voters in the vicinity of Vidyabharati School in New Alipore area. The army was also threatened. Upon receiving the news, Subrata Saha’s agent Mohan Rao rushed to the spot. He got into a quarrel with the polling agent. Tensions are created in the booth. It was at this time that the Trinamool agent brought charges of indecency against him. The police arrested him and took him away. According to the latest news, he has also been released.

Trinamool counter-allegations, the force was influencing voters. Kovid was also accused of disobeying the rules. The administration has not yet responded to the allegations. Mohan Rao was the president of BJP South Kolkata. He is well known in the area as a result of working directly in the Gerua camp for a long time. The BJP was naturally moved by the allegations against him. The allegations have been denied by the BJP.

In the context of the seemingly calm seventh round of voting, there has been sporadic unrest in Rasbihari from the very beginning. In the morning, Trinamool candidate Debashis Kumar got involved in a quarrel with the central forces. Debashisbabu alleged that the central forces objected to his entry into the booth. Debashis Kumar also counter-questioned, why can’t the candidate go to the booth? The Central Force advised him not to enter the booth, but to stand at the door and talk to the agent. The quarrel did not last long. Debashis Kumar obeyed the forces.

The agent immediately left the booth, speaking from a distance. He has already lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. Trinamool says the right of the candidate to enter the booth. In this case, that right is being curtailed.

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