Dev criticizes election commission for giving advantage to opposition I will vote for the role of the commission, what is the complaint of the Trinamool MPs? – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: This time, the role of the Election Commission (Election Commission) Trinamool star MP Dev (Dev) 8 Ghatal MP criticized the commission after voting at a school in his residence in South Kolkata on the same day. “The way the commission is working, there is no doubt that the opposition is getting more help,” Dev said.

Dev has campaigned for the party across the state in the Assembly elections He has repeatedly warned everyone to abide by the Corona rules from the beginning He also criticized the political leaders irrespective of their party affiliation for not following the Corona rules On this day, however, the Trinamool MP became vocal about the role of the commission

After casting his vote, Dev said, “Everyone should come and vote according to the Corona rules.” The situation that has been created around it, I don’t think it would have happened if the government was in power Oxygen from one place is going to another place We want the government to come to power as soon as possible. ” Criticizing the commission’s role, the Trinamool MP said, “Like before, big stadiums could have been turned into hospitals.” The commission could at least take that action And the way the commission is working, the opposition is undoubtedly getting more help.

On this day, Deb 6 also appealed to the common people to vote on Twitter “You don’t have to be a leader to get out today,” he wrote Instead, you can vote today to become a leader. ” In another tweet, he wrote, ‘Please go and cast your vote No matter who wins, the people of Bengal should not lose. ‘

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