In the seventh phase of the 34-seat fire test, the wind was blowing in the face of the Lok Sabha?

#Kolkata: প্রথমThe first day of the week is Voting-Seventh. Tensions are running high over the seventh point on Monday amid the Corona situation. Malda, Murshidabad, West Burdwan, South Dinajpur, South Kolkata – a total of five districts (Samserganj and Jangipur are not going to the polls). Number of seats 34. A total of 26 candidates are contesting in the seventh phase. Of these, 231 are male and 36 are female candidates. Naturally talk, which way is the wind? Let’s take a look at the seats that have reached the extreme of interest.

Firhad Hakim is fighting from Calcutta port. Firhad won this seat twice in 2011-2016. Even in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the Trinamool got 56 percent of the votes from this place. They were ahead of the BJP by more than 36,000 votes. The Trinamool thinks they can win this seat.

On the other hand, the grassroots are ahead in Bhabanipur-Baliganj of Kolkata. In Bhabanipur, however, the gap was a little over three thousand. This gap in the Chief Minister’s own average was not a great relief for the grassroots. However, in Baliganj, the Trinamool got 97,302 votes and the BJP got 42,650 votes. This big gap gave the team some oxygen. In Rasbihari, the BJP was leading with more than 5,000 votes

South Dinajpur also has votes in the seventh phase. The BJP advanced to Balurghat and Tapan Gangarampur in this district. In Harirampur, the Trinamool was leading by four thousand votes. In Kushmundi, the Trinamool was leading by less than one thousand votes. In comparison, there is some protection in Kumarganj area.

On the other hand, BJP was ahead in Habibpur, Ghazal and Chanchal of Malda. Trinamool produces comparatively good fruit in Ratua. In Murshidabad, the land at the foot of the Trinamool was intact. Grass flower camps in Suti, Raghunathganj, Lalgola, Sagardighi with good fruits.

Meanwhile, BJP was ahead in Asansol’s Pandabeshwar Jamuria, Asansol North, Kulti and Barbani. This time, Jitendra Asansol, a Trinamool defector, will contest from Pandaveswar on behalf of the BJP.

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