Mamata Banerjee: Bhangapaye propaganda war is over, speech says she is still that stubborn ‘young woman’ in the war

#Kolkata: This is an unequal fight, but he is also relentless. Those who know the Daputa girl who was beaten up by the writers during the Left era and gave dharna on the Metro channel know that she can make the impossible possible only with courage and stubbornness. With the help of a helicopter, you can compete with the richest political party in the world with 150 flights. Many dramatic events have taken place since the beginning of the eight-point election campaign. For now, the game is over, and this is the last virtual promotion of Mamata sitting in a wheelchair. Destination at Minerva Theater, North Kolkata-Shampukur Center. He kept the same insistence on the last day. The election of Bengal is a struggle for survival in his eyes. And for Benazir’s coronation, the commission is also on his last day. Whatever the outcome of the vote, Mamata Banerjee, who fought alone in the entire election, recognized her caste, reminding her of the young woman of two decades ago, whose age she could not swallow.

Shortly before he began his speech, the Madras High Court reprimanded the Election Commission. The Madras High Court has blamed the commission for the cowardly situation, saying what happened was a murder. Mamata therefore brought the verdict to the fore at the beginning of her speech. He lamented the lack of planning and bias of the commission. “I welcome the verdict of the Madras High Court,” she said. The High Court has made it clear that the Election Commission cannot avoid liability. I am asking the Election Commission from the third point onwards. The commission did not listen, because the vote was held in the BJP’s constituency.

Mamata’s clear argument is that Kerala voted in one round, Tamil Nadu voted in one round, Assam voted in two rounds, then why eight points in Bengal? He said in unequivocal language that Kovid had raised the commission and Narendra Modi along with his shout was heard even today, ‘I will go to the Supreme Court after the vote’.

Mamata’s headache is to bring troops from foreign countries without RTPCR test and increase the crowds in the districts. Today, he complained one after another, saying that there have been troops in Calcutta for three months. Kovid is spreading in different districts. Occupied school-college-stadium. RTPCR is not being tested.

At the same time, he raised the issue of misuse of state police even today. In his words, “Saini (Asansol’s candidate) is saying that the police are going to the polling agents’ houses and telling them not to vote. They will lose all the seats, even through brokerage. I will put the Election Commission on the fence. In Mamata’s words, “Kovid on the one hand, oppression on the other”.

Mamata is blaming the center for the increase in corona. “People are in danger, the masses are burning, Narendra Modi is talking about self-reliance. There is no oxygen, no medicine, no vaccines, wherever he goes, I am putting Modi on the fence, I am making the commission stand on the fence,” he said.

To win this unequal battle, therefore, his hope is the Bengali national confidence of the people of Bengal, sub-nationalism in terms of politics. “Bengal is the only place where people can protest. They want to break the backbone of Bengal. We will not allow the backbone of Bengal to be broken. It is a fight to save Bengal. Everyone is looking at Bengal. If Bengal survives, the whole of India will form an alliance against the BJP.” “

The question is, will the emotions germinate in the ballot box?

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