Moktar-story in the port, the Morcha candidate’s ‘increasing’ angry Firhad’s serious complaint!

#Kolkata: Political experts say the Kolkata Port seat is a ‘safe seat’ for the grassroots. However, Firhad Hakim, the state minister and grassroots candidate of the Center, did not agree to loosen the bandwagon for this year’s ‘other’ West Bengal Assembly elections. Firhad has been visiting booths since this morning. At the same time, he received a complaint that Mohammad Moktar, a candidate of the United Front of Calcutta Port Center, had taken the voter card of one of the voters. Firhad then lodged a complaint with the police against the Morcha candidate.

In his words, ‘Voting is taking place in peace. I have complained about one candidate. I went to the top level and said so that he does not cause any unrest. Some bombs were found. His record is bad (Mohammad Moktar). So I asked the police to see. Tried to buy my polling agent. ‘

By the way, Firhad has won in that center in 2011 and 2016. The Trinamool was well ahead of the Kolkata port in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. As a result, Firhad’s thoughts are a little less. In this election too, he did not have to rush to his center. On the contrary, he has been seen more in the propaganda of other centers. Even the Trinamool leader herself says in a close circle, she is not worried about Firhad’s victory. That Firhad, however, was seen to complain against the Morcha candidate on this day.

On the other hand, allegations of over-activation by the central forces have surfaced in Bhabanipur and Rasbihari, two important centers in Kolkata. Trinamool candidate Debashis Kumar was supervising the polls by visiting various booths in Rash Behari. Allegations have been made against the central forces that he was prevented from entering four booths in a row at that time. Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, a Trinamool candidate from Bhabanipur, was also barred from entering the booth.

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